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Stakeholder and Community Engagement

April 19th, 2012 | Posted by Tim in Uncategorized

Effectively engage stakeholder ideas and perspectives and produce sustainable, informed decisions that are acceptable and even supported by the people impacted by them.

More than ever before, there is increased demand from stakeholders to be engaged within the process of decision making.

  • Progressive corporations recognize that in order to be competitive, they must build meaningful relationships with consumers, workers, and communities that they impact, and put great effort into improving thier corporate social responsibility and employee engagement programs.

  • Governments who remain in power know that they must effectively engage constituents and stakeholders in order to make decisions that will receive public sanction, and that will produce sustainable, effective policy.

  • Forward thinking membership based organizations know that members want greater engagement and will vote with their feet if that need is not met.


Many organizations eagerly want to improve buy-in with their stakeholders, both external and internal to their system. Progressive organizations have realized that effective stakeholder and citizen engagement often means far more than buy-in. It can mean improved trust, effective and improved decision-making, creative solutions and innovation around challenging issues. In a nutshell, it can mean greatly improved relationships that form the foundation to overcome future challenges.

Related Services

Stakeholder engagement has many components. Quadrivae can help you through the complexity of managing effective goal oriented engagement within the following areas:

  • Engagement design and planning / Consultation planning and design

  • Stakeholder engagement framework development

  • Stakeholder selection

  • Analysis and data synthesis of consultation /engagement results

  • Evaluation

  • Report writing

  • Project management

  • Training

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